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  1. Strongly considering a gt350...

    I read through most of the responses from other guys, and here are my 2 cents: you already fell in love with the GT350, let go of the GT. This is not your spouse, this is only a toy. :cheers:
  2. Reputable dealer in S. Cal for oil-line recall work

    thank you guys. Any experience with Advantage Ford out of Monrovia? Galpin is a little further than Advantage, but of course, I'm willing to "travel" for good quality work :D
  3. Reputable dealer in S. Cal for oil-line recall work

    need to get this recall done and i'm annoyed. Not because of anything else but having to dig deep to trust these knuckle heads to work on the car. anyone here have recommendation on a dealer in the San Gabriel valley? TIA
  4. How often do people try to race you at the stoplight?

    A lot, almost every single one that I came across, of GTs wanted to race. It's so weird...
  5. Arrgh, car got towed, and damaged...

    Firstly , i'm really sorry that your car had to take the beating. Secondly, the church people did give you some compassion because they allowed you to park there for a period of time when your garage is being remodeled. Thirdly, looking at the way you vent on this topic, you are probably not a...
  6. Buying car sight unseen

    Like tom185 and many others, I also purchased mine "unseen" and when i look back, I must say/suggest that you need two things on top of the purchase price---1) a good/honest dealer with integrity and lots of patience with you the buyer, and 2) a reputable shipping company. The dealer is in...
  7. A GT350 for $69,995?

    No joke---i like how you roll. if you buy out of state, which i did, you would have to pay for shipping. For shipping in enclosed trailer by a reputable company, it's gonna cost you average 1k (unless you are very close, but then you would just drive it back). In my case, my shipping cost...
  8. 2017 Mustang Gt 350 Bad Valve Spring now Damaged in shipment by Ford update with Pics

    Sir you have my 100% respect. $hit really happens and it all depends on how we deal with it. Sell/trade-in the damn thing for a new GT350, or even get something different and better. The next one will be better for SURE! :cheers:
  9. Leasing a GT350

    from US bank---with minimum drive-off and standard money factor of 0.0020, i believe the payment for a 36-months lease will be a minimum of 900 bucks?
  10. Looks like the R won't be happening

    Sorry to hear that and i agree with you...just move on. it's meant to be and heck you should get something else that makes you happy. it's a damn car and its job is making YOU happy, not the other way around.
  11. Trying to obtain a GT350 for MSRP has to be the most frustrating thing ever

    dealer quoted me 1k for IL to S CAL, i first thought "oh its not bad" I then went online to see what people say about these broker's service and open trailer stories.....and the rest is history I ended up using Inter City, and paid 1700 for the same route. I figured---that 700 bucks pays...
  12. Bucket List - Finally!

    i was debating which one to get and apparently, I picked the GT350. I still wouldn't mind owning a Hellcat, white with satin hood and monkey wheels:love:
  13. Trying to obtain a GT350 for MSRP has to be the most frustrating thing ever

    all PA dealer. I'm not associated to anyone of them
  14. Trying to obtain a GT350 for MSRP has to be the most frustrating thing ever

    Yes, MSO and Bill Of Sales (the usual carbon copy that you get from the dealer) is all you need. I also brought the hard copy of the Smog result with me just in case. Also bring your check book for TAX (which is a different topic) and LICENSE because it's all due right there when they give you...