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  1. Tennessee/Middle TN

    This is a fact :lol:
  2. Tennessee/Middle TN

    Merry Christmas everyone! Here is what I need to know. Is there anyone here that lives in a county that requires emissions, who runs catless headers and maybe has a custom tune? I am looking to go this route but need to know that I will be able to pass the emissions part with no issues. I...
  3. Tennessee/Middle TN

    Mod day tomorrow everyone! If you wanna come by hit me up!
  4. Tennessee/Middle TN

    Once again....I am having a mod day this weekend so if anyone wants to come hang out let me know.
  5. Tennessee/Middle TN

    What happened?
  6. Tennessee/Middle TN

    OK everyone....mod day at my house next weekend! If you have something to install or just wanna come hang's going down. Let me know if your interested and I will get you my address
  7. My AirLift 3H Install - DONE!

    This is SO clean man!
  8. Tennessee/Middle TN

    Jesus Don! You have been busy! I need to ride in this joker now :lol:
  9. Tennessee/Middle TN

    Actually I have been through emissions since I put in the nGauge....and the experience was terrible. You can ask Lund to keep the rear O2's on (which I did) and apparently they are, but I could never get them to go into readiness status to take it through. So I had to put my stock intake back...
  10. Tennessee/Middle TN

    :lol::lol: (goes catless and has to move)
  11. Tennessee/Middle TN

    OK.....who in here is in a county that requires emissions testing BUT is running catless headers and is passing those emissions? I really want to go catless but am in Sumner Co
  12. Tennessee/Middle TN

    In case anyone is interested or happens to know someone who might be interested these are for sale. Shoot me a message and we can talk.
  13. Tennessee/Middle TN

    Welcome! Things have cooled down in this chat but we randomly swing by. I work in Franklin so you might see me drive through every now and then in my DIB.