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  1. Nebraska FS: Solo Cyclone Mid-pipe

    Still for sale
  2. Nebraska FS: Solo Cyclone Mid-pipe

    It mates to the factory 2.5” but is 3” down
  3. Nebraska FS: Solo Cyclone Mid-pipe

    not my video but this is what my car sounded like. the cyclone muffler was developed for GM and Dodge and Solo doesn't really advertise this for the Mustang but it is deeper than the Mach Thunder and as loud as the Street Race.
  4. Nebraska FS: Solo Cyclone Mid-pipe

    still for sale
  5. Nebraska FS: Solo Cyclone Mid-pipe

    I have for sale a modular midpipe for anyone running a Solo catback. You can swap out your middle section for this Cyclone mid muffler. This was a limited run that had to be special ordered at the time. It's very deep sounding and designed for maximum flow. When my car was sold I had the...
  6. Nebraska Steeds H-pipe Resonator Delete - New in box

    still for sale. make an offer!
  7. Nebraska Steeds H-pipe Resonator Delete - New in box

    Bought this but ended up trading in the car. New in box. Asking $150 shipped
  8. so my old car got stolen....

    i ended up trading my 17 GT for a Ranger. I rarely drove the mustang and found a really good deal on a pickup where i will actually use the bed. anyway, that was about 4 weeks ago. I found out today via fb that my car was purchased from the dealer i traded it to and the next day was stolen...
  9. S550 to first car... can you remember them all?

    19 Edge ST (current) 17 Mustang GT (current) 18 Highlander SE (traded for Edge ST) 17 Tacoma OR (sold - Bought 17 GT) 15 Mustang GT (Traded for Tacoma) 16 Edge Sport (traded for Highlander) 15 4Runner (traded for Edge Sport) 15 Evo X (bought, then traded for 15 Mustang) 11 Civic SI (bought and...
  10. Why did one of my wheel spacers change color?

    my first thought is heat
  11. Pre-collision light bar - buzzing noise

    i've taken most of that area apart and used foam and bits to resolve rattles. that's one piece i haven't removed but i'm guess with a pry tool you could pop it loose and attach small pieces of felt to stop the rattle.
  12. Should this be loose?

    it just a cover that has small tabs that keep it in place. i removed my a-pillar and used small bits of felt to secure the tweeter and help hold that cover in place a bit better.
  13. Elegant vs. Aggressive S550 Build?

    nope, it's pug fvckin ugly. but it's his car and he can do what he wants. however, elegant is not the word to describe it.
  14. Elegant vs. Aggressive S550 Build?

    yikes, that's just....bad....