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  1. I hope not - Autoweek: next generation is last ICE Mustang
  2. 2021 w/ 20" OE Wheel Package and Goodyear F1's/Not good in rain

    My daily tire is the RE980AS, very happy with it and Bridgestone sometimes puts them on sale at a killer price.

    @ Musselman Honda Circuit in Tucson, running on SVE S350 and Advan A052.
  4. 2021 Mach 1 Handling Package Wheel Obsession

    Got my wheels, waiting on Falken RT660 315s on back order, got the front 305s already. This will be my autox package, not for street duty.
  5. What are the best performance tires now?

    Tons of grip on both tires, at my level they are both equally fast. The A052 lets you know its limits earlier than the RT660, so I prefer to know when I'm approaching max earlier. It also heats up fast and grip is available right away. The feedback from the RT660 is a little later, good in heat...
  6. What are the best performance tires now?

    I run both the RT660 (305 and 315) and the Yoko A052 in factory 265 square, prefer the A052 for the feel but unfortunately very size limited in 19".
  7. High Performance Ecoboost vs Performance Pack GT

    No, it is actually very good for hard driving, all the performance Mustangs are equipped with it, including that black HPP in the picture you posted. A few suspension mods and it is really good. 5.0 or HPP they are both fun cars, can't go wrong with either. I chose a HPP HP 6sp because I...
  8. What can we do for You?

    What's the availability of M-1007K-MACH1H? In stock or back order? Any discounts :)? thanks!
  9. Arizona WTB Track Pack front sway bar

    Looking for the front bar only of M-5490-G.
  10. I hate deer

    $10k here and that was with minimal damage to engine area.
  11. 2021 Mach 1 Handling Package Wheel Obsession

    11mm offset difference, plus 1/2” more width for the factory.
  12. 2021 Mach 1 Handling Package Wheel Obsession

    The front factory HP wheels is 28#? if so that's only 4 lbs more than the SVE offering and with the proper offset for a 305 tire. I rather take the weight than install wheel spacers to fit a 305.
  13. Installed Both Sides Ford Performance Catch Can at 21,000 miles

    My driver side Ford catch can after 8 months was full, but I do autocross the car 6-8 times a year. I personally think it is worth it and now drain it every 6 months. From under the car a simple install.