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  1. 2015 Mustang with whipple stage1 to ???

    Option 3, always. I went through it on my car. Bought the Whipple stage 1 with Whipple tune thinking it would be enough, it wasn't. Upgraded to stage 2 with the Whipple tune, still wanted more. Got bigger injectors a BAP and a custom tune. That held me for a while, but I am now doing a full fuel...
  2. Gen 2 Whipple to Gen 5

    I could see maybe if you could take full advantage of the 3.8. but gen 4 2.9 vs gen 5 3.0 I'm not so sure the extra money and effort would be worth it. Unless you are going for a max effort type build I can't imagine the gen 5 makes more than 50-60hp over the gen 4. I could be wrong I guess I dunno.
  3. This Why I Really Don't Like Dealers

    Also don't be too hard on the mechanic. It is literally their job to find things to fix to make the dealership money, especially when it is warranty work that does not pay well. Yes the cabin filter was a fumble. But look at it from his perspective, why bother opening up the glove box and...
  4. This Why I Really Don't Like Dealers

    You may have caught them on the cabin filter, but the induction service is more of a preventative maintenance. Especially if you see a lot of idle time, or short trips. If you wait until you see an issue to do the service it may be too late and likely has been causing small, unnoticed issues for...
  5. Gen 2 Whipple to Gen 5

    Is there that big of an advantage over just going to a gen 4 and keeping everything you already have?
  6. Is ESS really any cheaper

    Is it me, or is the ESS kit just a vortec or paxton type head unit with the procharger mounting location? I remember a time when everyone complained that prochargers were breaking cranks due to the added stress from the head unit being mounted so far away. Now that his company comes around...
  7. Vmp for tuning

    You should get a tune included from VMP with the blower purchase. May as well give them a chance and work with them before dishing out more money unnecessarily.
  8. Nitto NT555R Drag Radial | NOW Available

    305/45/17 was supposed to be available in June, in September I can't find any in stock anywhere.
  9. What Is Big Difference Between Whipple Tune&Lund Tune

    Yes stage 2 gen 2. 3.625 pulley, stock manifolds and cats. It took maybe 3 revisions, but at least 1 of those were for small preference type driving adjustments.
  10. What Is Big Difference Between Whipple Tune&Lund Tune

    Good tuner from what I hear. An aftermarket tune really woke my car up and made it fun to drive again. The whipple tune drove nice, but the shifts and added power from a different tune are night and day.
  11. Return Style system

    Are there really no return style fuel systems that use a bucket? Didn't the system that DeatschWerks offered a few months ago use a bucket? I have been eyeing a return system but the nearest E85 is 25-30 minutes away. So keeping it above 1/2 tank would likely consist of driving it one time...
  12. What Is Big Difference Between Whipple Tune&Lund Tune

    Best so far of a 10.51 136. There is more in it, that was with a 1.7 60ft. and 3.15 gears 11.1 @130 on the whipple tune. and 3.55 gears. But it was falling on its face on the 2-3 and 3-4 shifts. data logged, sent to whipple, they said it was working as intended to save the transmission.
  13. 2018 gt with older style blower?

    The new Roush blowers are garbage, you are correct. The new Roush is not the same as the old VMP. VMP went with a different design for their 18+ blowers with a much better intercooler. The 11-17 Roush and VMP blowers are similar, not the 18+. You cant use the lower from an 18+ kit with the...
  14. What Is Big Difference Between Whipple Tune&Lund Tune

    I have the same setup as you OP, and I picked up 4-5 mph in the 1/4 going from Whipple's tune to a PBD tune. The Whipple tune had a TON of torque reduction on shifts and it was falling on its face on the 2-3 and 3-4 shifts.