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  1. My 2020 Heritage Edition available at Porsche Lehigh Valley

    The real question is how the GTS impresses you?
  2. Just realized my 2021 Mach 1 Doesn't have the 2 oil and pressure meters

    I wonder if you're also missing the Torsen differential.
  3. Harrop oil cooler - Group Buy (99-AKIT14319)

    The group buy never materialized, I'm pretty sure I was the one person who provided info for the group buy. Maybe we should both call them up and see if they will give us a discount.
  4. If buying Long tubes , What or who’s fit the best?

    and out of the passenger compartment, and away from the rest of the drive train.
  5. If buying Long tubes , What or who’s fit the best?

    You didn't go all out and have the full exhaust ceramic coated? I've got a set of used Kooks LTH and a NIB set of Kooks full 3" exhaust and I want to get them coated by Jet Hot from header flange to muffler tips before I get them installed.
  6. UK RHD Bullitt VIN for sun visors without stickers?

    I don't think they usually have RHD part available in the US order system.
  7. Help with my flooded mustang

    Would you have been better off stripping it of all the electronics and using the standalone harness from Ford Performance? Like building a racecar from a flood car, deleting all the creature comfort electronic systems.
  8. Rear End (Carrier Assy) Interchange question.

    If you're asking these questions I would say that swapping pinion flanges is beyond your abilities. You need to buy a complete differential out of a 15-17 auto or any 18+ that will mate up to your driveshaft as is.
  9. Change ratio on a truetrac??

    Why not just use a Torsen in the Explorer?
  10. M1 HP stock exhaust manifold

    Did you get them already coated from Kooks or send them off?
  11. Track Pack Toe Link Control Arm Bearing Install How-To - It can be done!

    Does the GT350 have a spherical bearing or a bushing in the knuckle?
  12. Brake swap on my15 gt pp1

    Standard GT fitment 35/40mm offset 10" front wheels and GT350 fitment 60mm offset 11" rear wheels.
  13. What is needed to swap a 17 analog instrument cluster with

    The S197 Boss 302 had a tune available from Ford Racing that included a separate red key, TracKey, to enable the more aggressive tune.
  14. What is needed to swap a 17 analog instrument cluster with

    I don't know if the 15-17 cluster can be programmed to flash the tach red at 7400 since 7400 wasn't an option on either GT or Ecoboost 15-17 models which were both at 6500. I had accidently typed 6900 above. For 18+ the Ecoboost still had a 6500 redline so the 18+ clusters have the option for...
  15. What is needed to swap a 17 analog instrument cluster with

    You had to replace the sensors in your rear bumper to get the alerts to work? You profile says 15 base/premium, so your car wasn't built as a premium to begin with and you've been adding premium features?