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  1. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    He pulled a little too far into the intersection, and he couldn't see me when he started backing up. When he first started backing up I thought it would be fine because there was plenty of space, but by the time I started laying on the horn it was too late.
  2. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Had a truck back into me at a stop light. Damage looks fairly minimal, but I'm taking it to the body shop next week. :(
  3. Stupid question of the day

    hahahaha, very well titled thread. This one gave me a good laugh. :)
  4. 60in TV in the trunk?

    I would try going in from the side and putting it in from behind the front seats.
  5. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Looks amazing! Wow!! Do you think it would look good if the 5.0 badge matched the wheels, or would that be too much. Love it the way it is now. The idea just popped into my mind.
  6. Weird wiper fluid smell

    Must be a more modern Ford thing. I had an 07 F-150, and I don't ever remember this happening.
  7. Weird wiper fluid smell

    I figured it had to be tied to the AC. Thanks for confirming. Have you noticed this on other cars? I've never had this happen before.
  8. Weird wiper fluid smell

    Ever since I have owned my car, I have noticed a weird phenomenon. Whenever I use my wiper fluid I can smell it very noticeably inside my car. Does this happen to anyone else? I cannot think of any other car I have ever owned where you can easily smell the wiper fluid when it is being...
  9. Newb

    Wow! That's really cool.
  10. OE Trunk Mat

    I got the Ford OE trunk mat from American Muscle (cheaper than the dealership), and it works great. I like the way it looks, and it keeps stuff from sliding around as much. It isn't nearly as thick or rubbery as the OE all season floor mats for the cabin, but it seems to work perfectly fine...
  11. Important thread- Please read everyone- Why is the new mustang such a shit magnet

    I generally have positive experiences. Do Canadians hate Mustangs?
  12. Regret selling my DIB! What's the second-best option?

    I have a DIB ecoboost premium with ceramic seats too, and I love the color combo. My heart goes out to you. I hope you can find a replacement soon! I am sure you will be able to find something you really like, even if you have to change up the colors. Were there any other colors that caught...
  13. Drivng with the windows down

    I agree! I love driving this car with the windows down!
  14. Showstopper Wear & Tear?

    I have ceramic seats on mine, and I daily drive it. There was some noticeable dye transfer the first month or two, but it would easily buff out with a little leather/vinyl cleaner. I'm not sure if it is a factor coating or what, but after the first 6 months or so I stopped seeing it almost...
  15. Crimson PP2 Photos

    Beautiful car! I wasn't a big fan of the changes they made for 18, but this car looks good!