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  1. Jacking rails FTW!

    Whatever works for ya. I track my car so any added weight is always calculated. Can't have too many places to jack a vehicle though. Always some scenario where getting a stand in the right spot is a PITA. Nice ride.
  2. Jacking rails FTW!

    On my Performance Pack GT I just lift at the jack point and the whole side lifts. It's not rocket surgery.
  3. Airbag Cover Removal

    Old thread with a new bump because it helped me install my new wheel.
  4. Whipple Supercharger Questions

    1st- OPG aren't necessary and seem to only be an issue when bouncing off the rev limiter constantly. Team Beefcake racing has had a stock bottom end engine with over 1000 hp racing for a while. 2nd- Unless going past Phase One 800hp applications, stock throttle body, injectors and fuel pump work...
  5. Quick help on Mustang purchase please

    My boosted GT has 3:73 gears with the six speed manual. At 80mph, it barely purring around 2,500
  6. Brake issue with brand new 2021 GT PP + Advice

    Performance Pack car with Brembos? Got to be the rear disc Ford part right? Sounds like bullshit. I would ask for money back and replace them yourself with higher quality aftermarket stuff. No fking way you should have to deal with that on a new GT. My 2018 GT PP has 18k on it and not a single...
  7. Whipple Tomahawk Crank Relearn Procedure

    This was a HUGE help man, thank you.
  8. Your Thoughts on Ford (mustang) Moving To New Car Orders Only

    I have a 2018 GT and a 2020 F150. It is quite likely I will never buy another new Mustang and maybe not another new truck again. I am 48. I have plenty of funds but I foresee lots of issues coming between supply chain and quality problems at Ford. My GT only gets summer use, I have a 70 in resto...
  9. Off with the stripes - Mach 1 graphics removed

    I like it OP. Kinda like mine
  10. Bought my son a new 2020 Mustang EcoBoost

    If you have the money to buy him that, you have the money to get him into a performance driving school. They will teach him how to handle the car and REALLY drive. It will be the best investment in keeping your son safe and show him how quickly things can go wrong but what to do in those...
  11. Summary of 2021 Ford Mustang Changes: There’s good news and bad news

    Turned it off immediately on my 2020 F150. FORSCAN made it easy. Also turned off the horn when I lock or remote start. I hate that crap annoying my neighbors.
  12. 2021 Mustang Paint Color Options Revealed

    Just choose the easiest color to get and repaint the car in two years like I plan to because the paint is absolute shit. Biggest disappointment on my car.
  13. Super Soft Paint on GT 2019

    I am absolutely gutted. :crying: Has anybody else on here experienced issues with the paint like this? Is this a Ford Mustang thing? If you look at my first post on this forum someone commented then on how bad the paint looked. I have never seen black paint so bad on all my previous 10 black...
  14. GT or EB

    Probably better to get the EB if you listen to some here. According to some, my car at 9k miles should explode any day now.