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  1. Mach 1 is Better than GT350 ...

    My neighbor just picked up a Mach 1. he's a great guy and we talk cars every now and again, usually about my 350. Last week he shows up in a new Mach 1 pretty excited. Really nice car. After about an hour checking out his ride he asked if he could drive the 350. I tell him sure if we can...
  2. Did GT350 values just get bolstered with the S650 reveal?

    The new car hood look super high, thick and featureless to me. One thing about our 350's is how beautifully sculpted the hood is. I think someone said it was "shrink-wrapped" around the engine, and I think its the best most unique panel on the car. After viewing the reveal, then going out to...
  3. GT350/R Long-Term Reliability

    Just hit 12K on my 17. Happy to report zero issues. No leaks, no rattles to speak of, and very little oil consumption. Car is a hoot to drive, gets a lot of attention, and runs strong.
  4. Picked up a Avalanche Grey GT350 Track Pack

    Nice score! That car looks great. My 17 AG has been flawless. You will get lots of comments on the color. When its clean and in the sun....AG is stunning. Have fun!
  5. FL 2087 update (interesting information)

    Tomster, You are very welcome. Always enjoy your posts and Im glad you got them.
  6. FL 2087 update (interesting information)

    No, that would not be me.
  7. FL 2087 update (interesting information)

    Guys, For those of you looking for FL-2087, Gosch Ford in Escondido (San Diego Area) has some. I just picked up 2 for my 350 and they had about 8-10 in stock. Not sure if they will ship but you can inquire with Jake in parts at 760-294-2525. Good luck
  8. FL-2087 oil filter

    Guys, For those looking for FL-2087, Gosch Ford Escondido (San Diego Area) has some. I just picked up 2 for my 350. They had about 8-10 in stock. I don't know if they will ship but you can inquire with Jake in parts. 760-294-2525. Good luck. CJ
  9. New 2020 GT500 Forged Wheels - Velgen Wheels

    Forgot to mention 20" wheels for the above.
  10. New 2020 GT500 Forged Wheels - Velgen Wheels

    Those are nice. Do you offer them in GT350R offsets? 11' and 11.5" Thanks
  11. National back order on GT350 oil filters?

    humm. I just had mine done last week. They had filters.
  12. GT500 Oil Change Made Easy (Non Exxon Valdez Style)

    This is fantastic. Nice work. Does it fit a 350? if so please put me down for a oil filter guide. Thanks! CJ
  13. 22 GT and Mach down 10hp… Is this true?

    Wow. First we've seen a "decrease" in power since what...1974? Not good.
  14. Suede Seat Inserts

    I have Alcantara in the GT350 also. Really like the material, more that I thought I would. It looks and wears great. The Sonax pictured above is an awesome product which works fantastic. Anyone with Alcantara/Miko swede seats or steering wheel NEEDS this stuff. Makes it look brand new.
  15. Official colors for 2022 GT500 released! Grabber Blue is back!

    That eruption Green is nice! i'll take it with White Stripes. Still LOVE my Avalanche Gray. Get compliments often...never selling the 350