New Garage Comments

  1. kap10bob
  2. Docscurlock
    Working on getting a new set of wheels for the GT350, BC Forged RT50s. I'm a big fan of the 5 spoke design, that's the style that does it for me.
  3. rtg
    Great name!
  4. mc lane
  5. 16Fastback
    Awesome ride! My first ride in a 302 Boss 69 Fastback started my love for Mustangs
  6. dbegley
    Very cool Mustang. Love a Red Mustang. Where did you get those upper and lower side scoops? Any problem with them staying in place?
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  7. dbegley
    I have been into Muscle cars since the mid 60's. Know all about every Muscle built in those years. Driven some pretty awesome cars like a Shelby GT 500 with Dual Quads and a Boss 429. Impressive, even a bit scary. And here in 2017 I ordered a new...
  8. dbegley
    I am real close to swapping out the PP springs with Ford's Street Performance springs. Might do it when I install the Steeda Stop the Hop parts. How strange that the PP package is the Street Performance package but with different springs. I...
  9. dbegley
    I just ordered the Intro IRS basic package from Steeda for the rear end to "Stop the Hop" The Steeda guy told me I should get the Steeda Vertical Links. Can't wait to get these parts installed. He told me most of the S550 Mustangs they have...
  10. Valentina
  11. EcoVert
    Beautiful 19 GT what year is the Cobra
  12. Stang72
    How do you like the kona blue with red interior?
  13. brpec
    congrats for the car. very clean, perfect
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  14. brpec
  15. brpec
    looks great! best color