New Garage Comments

  1. motorjock205
    Traded in my 2017 Dodge Ram 1500 on this little beauty on Wednesday, and she got 26MPG on the way back home to Midland, TX from Plainview, TX. Can't complain about anything...previous owner did a muffler delete and she growls just right. I will...
  2. Billski
    I love your car! That grille is awesome, I might have to order one.
  3. JSong
    First thing I did was to get the car Ceramic coated throughout within the first 2 week of ownership. I am very happy I got it done and love the way this car drives. What was Ceramic coated? Body, under wheel well, Rims, brake caliper, Exhaust...
  4. 100mphclub
    Intro video of the car: [MEDIA]
  5. Docscurlock
    Starting demolition to remove all the interior walls and fireplace. Started hanging LED 4' lights down each side.
  6. myblkshadow19
    more to add in the garage
  7. T-Tom
    I really need an updated picture :headbang: