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  1. mindo389
    The '72 had a bit of history during my ownership. It originally came stock with a 302ci engine, 2bbl carb, FMX transmission & 3.00::1 rear axil. Later, another 302ci engine (I found on the side of the road) modified by boring .030", a Crane...
  2. 16Fastback
    The things dreams are made of :) Take more pics its the only way I'll see one :please:
  3. Ruby Red GT350
    They are the smoked coating and I should have added OBO. thanks Lee
  4. BabyYodaaaa
    hows dealing with the higher hood gap from the driver side view?
  5. Canoman
  6. damships
    Love Race Red <3. I have that color too, but it's going through Buy Back. Will miss it. But going with Twisted Orange this time around.
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  7. Ruby Red GT350
    my phone number for the wheels and tires is 310-420-1362. Lee
  8. Rinzler
    Hey man, is this the Ikon Motorsports bumper?
  9. 16Fastback
    Nice ride,awesome engine bay.
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  10. maddseason
    cool. Its the first i've seen that fits with the stock front fenders. the andersen composites requires the gt350 style fender as well, which i like. Thanks for the info, very helpful.
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  11. maddseason
    hello your car with the gt3500 bumper looks awesome. Is that andersen composites? can you tell me where you got it? Also how much did you spend to have it installed? thanks for sharing.
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