Ford Mustang Named One of Fifteen Greatest Cars of the 21st Century

The Ford Mustang has been named one of the “15 Greatest Cars of the 21st Century” by Kiplinger, buoyed by the introduction of the 2015 Mustang.

Each year, Kiplinger ranks cars and SUVs in various categories based on performance, value and safety.  In the last 15 years, Kiplinger has had several vehicles that have won the distinction of best vehicle of the year multiple times, including our beloved Mustang.

So when it came time to pick the 15 Greatest, Kiplinger had this to say about giving the nod to Ford’s new Mustang:

Why it’s among the greatest: The only pony car in continuous production for half a century keeps getting better.  The latest engine offering, making its debut in the 2015 model year, is a four-cylinder. Yes, this has been tried before, back during the gas crises of the 1970s, but now the motor is turbocharged to 310 horsepower (when you use 93-octane gas) and offers fuel economy better than the base V6.”

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