2015 Mustang EcoBoost Intercooler Torture Test & Datalog

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FFTec Motorsports shared with us the extensive testing and datalogging it performed on the 2015 EcoBoost Mustang equipped with the OEM intercooler as well as its own aftermarket intercooler options that the company has developed.

To start, FFTec provided us with some key measurements and specifications of the OEM Intercooler:

OEM Intercooler specs:

  • Core size 5.75”h x 20.6”l x 3.25”w
  • Number of rows = 8
  • Row size .39”h x 20.6”l x 3.25”w
  • Plastic/composite end tanks crimped to aluminum bar and plate core

OEM Intercooler Core Volume:

  • 208.88 CI total core volume
  • Each row is 26.11 CI

Now onto the testing…

The torture tests included strapping the 2015 Mustang EcoBoost to the dyno and putting its 2.3L engine and charge air cooling systems under stress by running 1st to 4th gear pulls with the stock intercooler, and a 4th gear test sample also with the factory IC.

The log results showed that at the end of the 1-4 gear test sample the charge air temperatures were in excess of 230°F, more than three times hotter than the beginning of the run at 77°F.  The factory intercooler efficiency (versus ambient temperature) at the beginning of the run was 72% and dropped to below 25% efficiency at the end of the run.

The 4th gear test sample showed similar results with IC efficiency starting around 72% versus ambient temperature, and quickly diminishing to 38% by the end of the test.

After these baseline results, FFTec swapped its own “Garrett Core” and “EcoCore” intercoolers with the Mustang still strapped to the dyno.

CLICK HERE to read more about their R&D and the full datalog results.


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