Ecoboost Mustang MAP Billet Intake Manifold

Modern Automotive Performance calls this “the mother of all intake manifolds” and from the looks of it we’d agree.

The company’s newly released Billet Performance Intake Manifold for the 2.3-liter S550 Mustang EcoBoost is for the driver looking for serious performance with port injection and the ability to support multiple styles of MAP sensors.

This beautiful piece of engineering is designed to replace the OEM plastic manifold and features 4 port injection that sprays into the intake port, fits injectors from 48mm tall to 60mm x 12mm diameter, increased plenum volume and can be used with the stock throttle body or larger V6 throttle body.

MAP tells us that the corresponding fuel system will be coming out soon and will allow the complete use of E85 fuel.

Stay tuned for more specifications and results on the upcoming EcoBoost Mustang MAP Billet Intake Manifold.