DIY: Shawn’s Custom Grille With Big Mouth Ram Air Intake

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Some of the most innovative work in the Mustang world and elsewhere have been accomplished inside of a garage by a single brave soul with a wrench. That has described many of the customizations performed by Mustang6G member Roh92cp (Shawn) on his 2015 Mustang GT, including his latest do-it-yourself project — a custom front grille you won’t likely see anywhere else.

In the process of designing a closed airbox for his Whipple Supercharger setup and to deliver true cold air from the front grille, Shawn decided to add a mesh screen to the grille and after closing off the air box, installed a snorkel that would be connected to and draw in cold air from the Velossa Tech Big Mouth high speed ram air intake for the S550 Mustang.

For an extra bit of custom panache Shawn also wired LED lighting to each of the Big Mouth ram air intakes to create a dramatic nighttime effect.

This DIY grille project is a perfect blend of form and function as Shawn’s intake air temperature readings have been reduced significantly while making his Mustang even more unique and eye catching.

See Shawn’s custom grille project with Big Mouth ram air intake in the forums.


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