CP-E Atmosphere Turbo Upgrade for Mustang Ecoboost

The Custom Performance Engineering team has devoted countless hours developing their long awaited EcoBoost Mustang turbo kit and have finally let us in on all the details.

The turbocharging experts at cp-e are offering a big turbo upgrade in two different flavors that include everything you need to take your stock EcoBoost Mustang to the next level.

The first option is the Precision Atmosphere Turbo Kit features a wide variety of available turbos as it comes with an exhaust manifold specifically designed with flanges to fit Precision VBand Turbine Housings from 5558-6766, and Tial MVR External Wastegates.

The kit is estimated to add up to 47% more horsepower and 61% more torque than the stock turbo, helped by the addition of the cp-e Mustang EcoBoost Downpipe which eliminates the stock catalytic converter to allow for smooth exhaust flow and transition. The results speak for themselves as this is the exact kit used on BG Racing’s 11.7 @117.6 MPH record-holding EcoBoost Mustang (video below).

Custom Performance Engineering second big turbo upgrade is its Borg Warner EFR Twin Scroll Atmosphere Turbo Kit. which keeps the twin scroll from the cylinder head through to the turbo for a super quick spool. This kit fits up to a EFR 9180 turbocharger and is reportedly capable of 1000HP of air flow.

One of the advantages of the cp-e Atmosphere turbo kits is definitely its modularity. The kit will not only bolt-on with any cp-e products but allows you to upgrade your big turbo again in the future. Get a smaller Borg Warner EFR 7064 now, and easily swap in the Borg Warner EFR 9174 later, allowing you to change your turbo easily based on your racing needs or track use.

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