2015 Mustang GT Review by Chris Harris

The 2015 Mustang GT has rarely been a subject of much attention in the world of automotive journalism outside of the United States — in large part due to the fact that until the sixth generation it has never been officially sold there.

As a result, many of the major names in European automotive news have not paid it much mind, again, until now.

Renowned automotive journalist Chris Harris just put the 2015 Mustang GT through its paces in order to answer the question of whether our beloved American icon is fit for the European market.  A resounding yes is the answer, as Chris notes that this is the first Mustang that feels as powerful as its claimed horsepower.

Chris Harris raves about the depth of the new Mustang and touts that it is “dripping with personality” and infused with a “permanent sense of joy” missing from many European machines.

His final line sums it up well — “in a world of dreary, gray, European, small-exec, diesel coupe things, the new Mustang is a massive flip of the bird.  Well done, Ford.”

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