BORLA XR-1 Tuner For EcoBoost Mustangs Adds 40HP

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The new Borla XR-1 Tuner represents the latest technology in vehicle performance electronics and is engineered to improve torque and horsepower in turbocharged cars, instantly adding upwards of 40-horsepower to your 2015-17 Mustang EcoBoost.

Designed for racing use only, the XR-1 tuner device features a fast 48Mhz processor and SMD construction for extra resistance to shake and vibration conditions as well as improved EM and RF performance.

Each XR-1 Tuner application has been tuned and tested to enhance driving dynamics, while keeping OEM protections and drivability intact. The software is specifically tuned for, and the hardware is designated for each vehicle to provide maximum benefit — capable of increases of 70 lb-ft of torque and 40-horsepower more than stock.

“We measure the characteristics of each application’s sensors and apply algorithms to modify the output signals that the ECU will receive in a manner that is not outside of its expected boundary conditions. We focus on making each XR-1 Tuner application specific and do extensive testing to make sure the algorithm provides safe sensor outputs to the ECU of each vehicle,” explained Borla representatives.

The plug-and-play nature of the XR-1 tuner device also allows for quick installation which allows any EcoBoost Mustang owner to easily plug in at the track and unplug for the street. The kit includes a stainless steel mounting bracket, all necessary wiring and easy-to-follow instructions.

Read more about the Borla XR-1 Tuner for 2015-17 EcoBoost Mustangs in the forums.


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