Boost Works 1600 WHP 2016 Mustang GT

Boost Works continues to push the envelope with one of its customers setting the power record for S550 Mustang GT vehicles with 6-speed auto transmission, with a whopping 1596 horsepower to the wheels!

How did they accomplish this mind blowing number? With Boost Works off-the-shelf Stage 2 2015-17 Mustang GT twin turbo system with the company’s built/sleeved 2000HP capable long block engine setup and Circle D built 6R80E transmission and “2B” converter.

With Ignite 114 fuel (90% ethanol, 10% gasoline), factory PCM, full leather interior with heated/cooled seats, air conditioning, no other weight reduction and tuned by Lund Racing, this 2016 Mustang GT managed to put down 1596 WHP @ 33.5 psi (peak)!

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