We previously highlighted two fantastic twin turbo systems available for the S550 Mustang and now a third option from TwinTurboMustang.net has entered the market.

The Blackbird Twin Turbo system is a full bolt-on kit with smart design and top notch build quality. Effective heat management should be a top priority for any good turbo system and the Blackbird kit is no exception. Its Precision BB5858 turbochargers are placed in the exhaust track and away from the radiator and other engine components which helps increase longevity and create maximum power.

No expense was spared in the build quality as the system features hand-made turbo manifolds using Schedule 10 Type 304 Stainless Steel piping. The company also adopts a “less is more” philosophy using as little intercooler piping as possible and the least amount of parts for a complete kit, making installation of this 100% reversible bolt-on kit easier with no cutting, welding or relocation of stock parts required.

The kit is also unique in that it incorporates true cold air intakes with its optional Velocity Stack Kit, which will be particularly advantageous for driving in wet conditions.

Customers with a stock engine with the Blackbird twin turbo system with supporting fuel and tuning can expect over 700 horsepower to the wheels @10psi on pump fuel. TwinTurboSystem.net also has customers who have made over 1300 WHP with the kit on a built engine and 6466 Turbos.

Check out the parts list below and Blackbird Twin Turbo System thread in the forums.

Parts List:

(2) Turbo Manifolds w/V-Band Connections
(2) Precision BB5858 Turbos .82 a/r/v-band
(2) Tial MVR 44mm wastegates
(2) Tial 50mm Blow off valves
(1) Bell Intercooler 3.5″ Core
(2) 2″ Intercooler Pipes
(1) 3.5″ pipe from I/C to throttle body
(2) 3″ Cold air intakes with Filters
(2) O2 extensions
(1) Turbowerx Oil Pump w Custom lines & fittings.

Larger 4.5″ Bell Intercooler w/2.5″ Piping
Velocity Stack Kit
Ball Bearing Turbo Upgrade
ID 1000cc or ID1300cc Injectors
Powder Coating
Catch Can/Coolant reservoir Combo
Burns Stainless 3″ Exhaust System