Mustang “GT-M” Mach 1 Fan Concept

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Mach 1 rumors have gone conspicuously quiet over the past year, so our own members have taken it upon themselves to fill in the gap.

Mustang6G member SesiomSummers has taken his love for the Ford Mach 1 and created his own S550 Mach 1 concept based on the 2015-17 Mustang GT.

This concept, which has been dubbed a “Mustang GT-M” concept shows a more subtle cowl hood, large lower air intakes, carbon fiber lower bumper, splitter and side skirts. It also features design elements that harken back to the Mach 1 of old such as the rear quarter side scoop.

We’re a big fan of his S550 “Mustang GT-M” Mach 1 concept so far, so if you have any suggestions for this work-in-progress, drop them in our discussion forums!

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