2019 “GT500” Mustang Spied in Full Camo Wearing Large Tires

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A new high performance Mustang prototype has just hit the streets of Detroit and we believe this is the successor to the Shelby GT500, in spirit if not in name.

Ford has kept this one tightly under wraps and gone as far as scrubbing the markings off the tire sidewalls. The only size markings visible are “305/30/ZR20” on the front tires. After some quick comparisons, the tires on this prototype may be the brand new Pilot Sport 4S Michelin that just launched, indicating very aggressive rubber to lay down some serious power.

The markings on the rear tires are unfortunately not legible, but the wheels appear to possibly be 21-inches. Ford obviously doesn’t want the wheels or braking package seen at this time given the camouflage panels attached to the wheels.

Check out the latest 2019 GT500 Mustang prototype in full camouflage and riding on large rubber.


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