Preview: ProCharger P1X Supercharger

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Late last year during the 2016 PRI trade show our friends at ProCharger announced plans for a new, more powerful and efficient P1X supercharger.

ProCharger revised the design of the supercharger’s impeller and compressor housing for vastly improved efficiency and performance with gains of 50+ horsepower over its P1SC1 supercharger. According to the company, the new P1X is designed for applications up to 800 HP and utilizes a 90mm inducer. It can flow up to 1,275 cfm and has a maximum RPM of 65,000.

MAK Performance has been testing and evaluating the ProCharger P1X for the last five months, putting the head unit through its paces by logging a few thousand miles with the unit installed on its 2015 Mustang GT development vehicle.

The company notes a significant boost in performance with the P1X: “The car has better throttle response under part throttle and WOT. At WOT the power comes on sooner, and after 6k RPM the blower really starts to take off. We picked up about 6% more power in our testing at only 10psi. This unit will really shine at higher impellar speeds and higher boost.”

Have a look at their ProCharger P1X Supercharger power numbers and graphs in our forums.


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