2020 GT500 Mustang Drive-By Video

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We’ve just got another look at the 2020 GT500 Mustang and this time we’ve captured what appear to be two different versions.

One version which sports an aggressive hood (and almost certainly will feature the large rear wing shown in Ford’s teaser video) which we believe will be an even more track-focused variant perhaps bearing the GT500R or GT500KR moniker — and another version which will be the standard base GT500 package.

Our photographer also caught a quick drive-by video of the standard non-track oriented packaged GT500 Mustang. Although the driver did not open up throttle enough to detect the supercharger whine, we’ve heard enough GT350 flat plane 5.2L Voodoo engines to know this one was distinct and our ears hear a cross plane V8 (5.2L Predator) engine.

We also caught interior photos of that same prototype which seem to confirm that a manual transmission option will be offered on the next GT500, at least in the standard version.

It should be noted the version we believe to be the GT500R/KR was doing everything possible to avoid being captured on film and our photographer reported to us it definitely sounded like a dual-clutch transmission with quick shifts that sounded almost exactly like a Porsche with PDK.

See the 2020 GT500 Mustang drive-by video and additional exterior and interior photos in our forums.


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