2019 Shelby GT500/Cobra Imagined

The top dog S550 Mustang has yet to be announced by Ford and rumors have been brewing that the straight-line horsepower king may not wear a Shelby GT500 badge.

Whatever name it inherits, the next high performance Mustang has a lot to live up to, not only within the Mustang lineup with the Shelby GT350 collecting copious amounts of praise and accolades, but also its domestic pony car competitors that have introduced several high powered rivals.

To bide our time, M6G member JC Design has given us plenty of eye candy to chew on with renderings of the 2019 GT500, Cobra or whatever nameplate Ford decides upon.

This latest CGI blends the 2018 Mustang’s design and adds strong cues from the Henrik Fisker-Galpin Auto Sports Rocket Mustang collaboration.

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