2018 Mustang Photoshoot Reveals Increased RPM, Upgraded Sound, Same Tire-Thrashing Abilities

Ford has been pretty quiet about the 2018 Mustang but behind-the-scenes some promotional content is being prepared for the refreshed pony car’s rollout later this year.

A handful of pre-production fastback and convertible 2018 Mustangs — EcoBoost and GT models in various colors, were transported from Detroit to Austin, Texas for a photoshoot around the city’s Lady Bird Lake. Lucky for us, one local Mustang6G member captured it for our viewing pleasure.

In addition to providing us with some candid photos of the 2018 Mustang out in the sun, an interior shot of the tachometer also confirms the 2018 Mustang will have a higher RPM redline at 7,500 RPM, compared to the hard redline at 7,000 RPM for the 2015-17 models.

As a bonus, after they wrapped up the photoshoot they celebrated by doing what any self-respecting Mustang owner would do — donuts in the parking lot — which thanks to social media gave us a great listen at the awesome upgraded sound of the 2018 Mustang GT!

Check out the 2018 Mustang Austin photoshoot and video clip in our forums.