2018 Bullitt Mustang Possibly Spied Filming Commercial

Here we have what could very well be the first spy photos of the mythical 2018-19 Bullitt Mustang!

Spotted during a Ford commercial shoot in Chicago, this 2018 Mustang prototype was spied by a local enthusiast wearing a full cover disguise before filming began. When the covers came off the Mustang revealed a dark green paint color reminiscent of the Dark Highland Green (DHG) Bullitts of old.

As we know, the standard 2018 Mustang is not currently available in green after the “Guard” paint color was discontinued starting with the 2017 model year, and the clear green hue on this prototype rules out Black and Magnetic (the only other possibilities) to our eyes.

Two other major clues that hint it could be the 2018 Bullitt are the wheels and the lack of badging.

The 5-spoke Torq Thrust wheels in gloss black with chrome lip surround is a dead ringer for the Bullitt. The wheels do not resemble any of the current 2018 Mustang wheel options and actually look identical to the wheels seen in Ford sketchboards we first reported in which the 2018 Bullitt was apparently leaked in a video featuring Dwayne Johnson.

The lack of a 5.0 badge and spoiler are also exactly as we would expect for a 50th anniversary Bullitt Mustang revival.

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