2015 Shelby GT350 Mustang Shows Up in Order Banks

As far back as mid-2014 there had been mounting chatter and some hints that we would be seeing a new GT350 Mustang for the 2015 model year.  With the passage of time, that hope seemed to fade as we already look ahead to the 2016 model year order banks opening on May 11.

From the leaked options/packages in the dealer CONCEPS screens and the leaked order guide, both showing the GT350 as a 2015 vehicle, to the recent innuendo from Jim Owens that the vehicle’s model year has yet to be revealed for a reason — all of which combine to go against the logic that Ford would buck its typical timeline and offer a 2015 model year vehicle this late in the year.

Beyond speculation and innuendo, there is now some hard evidence in the Ford order banks that we may see a limited production 2015 GT350 Mustang, as the new Shelby is now showing up in the 2015 order banks as a Job 3 offering.  Although it is not available to order yet and it does not show pricing, options, or order guide, this would make a great case for an anniversary edition GT350 Mustang to mark the 50th year of this legendary vehicle.

Whether or not we actually see it branded as such and sold (or auctioned), remains to be seen.  Regardless of what it is actually called, Ford has stated that it will be a late 2015 (fourth quarter) release.

Stay tuned as we could find out more very soon!