2015 Mustang Materials and Design

Ever since the launch of the new S550 Mustang generation, there has been much discussion and speculation on the types of materials that Ford used for the 2015 Mustang.

In our discussions with Mustang Chief Engineer, Dave Pericak, at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show where the new Mustang officially debuted, Mr. Pericak alluded to the use of several new materials not used on previous Mustangs.

Now we finally have an in-depth look at the material usage of the 2015 Mustang along with other fascinating details about the new body-in-white structure and subframe, thanks to a presentation from Shawn Morgans, Technical Leader & Front End / Underbody Applications Manager of Ford Motor Company.

In addition to showing the use of Martinsitic & Boron in portions of the chassis, the presentation also shows definitively the aluminum hood and front fenders of the new Mustang.

We also have a comparative look at the rear rail of the new and outgoing models, which had to be redesigned to accommodate the independent rear suspension. Other details include — the performance pack tower to tower brace increasing torsional stiffness by 10-percent, and revisions to the geometry of the redesigned green house which increased the difficulty in meeting new safety requirements.