2015 Mustang Interior Shows Paddle Shifters, Push Button Start, BLIS, C Pillar and More

We have finally spotted the 2015 Mustang interior in some detail and much has been revealed [see the photos]!

We managed to get our first look at the next-generation, S550 Mustang’s modernized center stack. The new ‘Stang looks ready to utilize the full suite of Ford’s in-car infotainment technology, with a large LCD screen sitting atop the stack, and an orderly collection of buttons and switches residing below. We’re pleased to see a simple volume knob, and no sign of capacitive-touch sensors.

Button Breakdown
Volume and menu functions sit at the top of the button array. Next down are the HVAC controls, flanked by buttons for heated–and cooled–front seats. The bottom row of buttons contains the Start/Stop button, a toggle switch for the hazard lights, and another toggle switch that appears to be either for traction control (or launch control?). The rest of the lowest row of switches is unfortunately blocked by the test driver’s computer. We also see an early, unfinished shift knob with a round, ball-head, although its unclear if it’s a manual, or automatic transmission that it activates.

BLIS (Blind Spot Information System)
The driver side view mirror reveals that the 2015 Mustang will also be equipped (or optioned) with BLIS, Ford’s blind spot detection system. The graphic you see on the mirror matches that of the BLIS mirrors from other current Ford models.

Check out the full gallery here.