2015 Mustang Five-Star Safety Rating & Crash Test Videos

The 2015 Mustang just received a 5-star safety rating (Overall Vehicle Score) from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in its New Car Assessment Program.

With twice as many airbags and peripheral crash sensors compared to the outgoing S197 Mustang, the completely redesigned S550 Mustang has proven that great performance does not have to come at the cost of safety, as at least one of our members can attest to.

As we showed you in a recent Ford presentation, the 2015 Mustang was designed with safety in mind, and while the fastback design and increased rake of the revised greenhouse increased the difficulty in meeting new safety requirements, Ford engineers managed to improve structural performance and rigidity (21% improved bending stiffness and 31% improved torsional stiffness) all without a reduction in the driver’s vision.

The redesigned subframe, hydroformed A-pillar, press-hardened B-pillar, rocker reinforcement and myriad new safety features and technologies all combine to earn the 2015 Mustang the highest rating given by the NHTSA and one notch above the outgoing 2014 Mustang’s 4-star safety rating.

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