2015 Mustang Breakdown: 50 Years Appearance Package versus 50 Years Limited Edition

With scarce bits of official information on the 2015 Ford Mustang, enthusiasts have been anxious to get their hands on any evidence on the full production details and specifications of the all-new Mustang, set to begin production in mid-August.

One issue of interest is how the 50 Years Appearance Package (975) differs from the 50 Years Limited Edition Mustangs, of which only 1,964 are being built.

Mustang6G members have been conducting their own diligence and one detail that has recently been fleshed out is that the chrome trim surrounding the tri-bar taillights of the 50 Years Limited Edition will not be unique to the car — buyers who add the 50 Years Appearance Package will also get this unique element, as confirmed by Ford Service representatives and seen in recent photos of pre-production vehicles.

For a breakdown and discussion of other differences, see the FORUMS.