S550 ProCharger Systems Upgrade

ProCharger was the first centrifugal supercharger manufacturer to design and release a highly efficient air-to-air intercooled supercharger system for the 2015 Mustang GT and the company recently announced a significant boost and power upgrade to its HO and Stage 2 supercharger systems.

The HO supercharger system has been shown to crank out up to and over 600+ RWHP with just 8 psi of boost and quality 93 octane pump fuel. The upgraded system now comes standard with Deatschwerks 95 lb (1000cc) Injectors to support these power levels and comes standard with the nGauge Handheld Tuner with supplied tune. 

The Stage 2 kits also come standard with the Deatschwerks 95lb (1000cc injectors) as well as a JMS PowerMAX fuel pump booster to support massive power numbers now rated at 800 horsepower at 10 psi of boost. The Stage 2 kit also includes ProChargers’ all-new tune for the upgraded system.

Check out the standard features below and read the full details on the ProCharger 2015-17 Mustang GT upgraded supercharger systems in the forums.

ProCharger HO System:

• P-1SC-1 headunit
• Boost level 8psi
• Shared 6 rib drive belt
• Deatschwerks 95 lb (1000cc) Injectors
• nGauge Handheld Tuner with supplied tune
• Large and Highly effective HO air-to-air intercooler

ProCharger Stage 2 System:

• P-1SC-1 Headunit
• Boost level 10psi

• Dedicated 8 Rib Belt Drive
Deatschwerks 95 lb (1000cc) Injectors
• Massive STG2 Air-to-Air intercooler
• JMS PowerMAX Fuel Pump Booster System
• nGauge handheld tuner with supplied tune