2015-17 Mustang AirLift Performance Suspension Kit Installation

The AirLift Performance Suspension for the 2015-17 Mustang allows you to fine tune your suspension with the company’s compact double bellows air spring mated onto 30-level damping adjustable, monotube, threaded body struts with independent ride height adjustment.

That may be a mouth full, but what it comes down to is a front suspension that will allow you to go 5″ below stock while allowing you to stay firmly planted in the curves, put big power to the ground, and go from a smooth, comfortable ride to race-car-stiff handling with the twist of the knobs.

Mustang6G member Jaime (Jmeo) recently installed the 3H (height and pressure) AirLift kit, opting for the dual compressor setup, seamless 4-gallon aluminum tank, upgraded water trap, upgraded compressor leader line check vales and two compressor isolator kits. He documented every step of his installation for everyone’s enjoyment and benefit.

Check out Jaime’s mega-install thread of the 2015-17 Mustang AirLift Performance Suspension Kit in our forums.