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Originally Posted by gojensen View Post
I think there's only two people in here that has been able to confirm a pre-order yet... (our 2 swiss compatriots ) ... speak up if you've gotten the call... for me the wait is killing me!

(not to mention that there's no timeframe and you may not even get the call... how long should I hold out hope for?!)
I'm the same as you gojensen. It's BS, they could at least say in the initial email that you'll also get informed once they know if your not one of the 500. Also, if it's done on a first come / first serve basis as they have said, they would have known if your getting a call before they even sent out the email so what was the point of it in the first place.
This is some apple style marketing (keep them wanting) that's went a bit far. They will know that those of us who are crazy enough to pre-order a car before there's even pricing are the hardcore few so there's no need to build our hopes up. Rant over.
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